We specialize in IT Security Services, specifically those that involve the design of controls intended to secure and protect data and related systems. We believe that a grounded, risk-based approach is necessary to ensure that priority is given to the areas most deserving of attention, criteria that is specific to each and every organization. We work with clients to ensure that controls align with the organization’s policies & procedures while being reflective of the environment within which controls are executed.

We are here to assist our clients in making sure that employees are aware of how to identify and protect critical and private data, thereby ensuring that best practices are implemented on an ongoing basis.

We offer the following services in support of this structure:

• IT and Cybersecurity Risk Assessments
• Customized Policies and Procedures
• Data and Control Mapping
• Segregation of Duties Assessments
• Cybersecurity Training for individuals and groups
• Data management services, including

• Data diagramming and mapping
• Data classification;
• Data Management Practices
• Privacy policies
• GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation services