Ms. Kemp is a blockchain potentiate technologist who harnesses her IT audit and accounting expertise when analyzing and critiquing the fascinating and timely topic of blockchain technology. Her deep understanding of governance and compliance provides a unique perspective on blockchain’s capabilities as well as its current and future use cases.

Each session is custom-designed with content that is appropriate given the audiences’ interests, knowledge and requirements. Clients may choose from any of twelve (12) topics while spending while varying the amount of time on each subject matter. IT experience as well as blockchain construct awareness is factored into presented content.

For example a session may offer a three (3) hour deep dive into blockchain use cases in the financial services industry and conclude with a one (1) hour assessment of its IT audit impact, while being designed for those with a high level of technology exposure and low level of blockchain construct awareness.

Sessions offer continuing education credits for ISACA membership organization. Our rates are reasonable, varying based on time, complexity, audience and location. We work with our clients to ensure accessibility for all types of organizations.

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1 Introduction to the Elements of Blockchain

2 Blockchain’s Vocabulary

3 Roots and History

4 Blockchain Use Cases

5 Blockchain Platforms Compared

6 Identity and Access Management in Blockchain environments

7 Technology Criticisms and Challenges

8 Auditing in Blockchain Environments

9 All things Ether/Ethereum

10 Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Mining

11 Distributed Accounting Systems, including Hyperledger

12 Smart Contracts

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