Value Proposition

Our customers can identify with the lack of technological agility and high bill rates found in traditional CPA firms. As a virtual accounting firm, Kemp CPA PLLC delivers value through optimized use of current technologies, elimination of physical overhead costs, and a collaborative organizational structure, all of which combine to result in unparalleled functional agility, efficiency, client service and experience.

Our Philosophy

We believe that outcomes are optimized within engaging, collaborative environments, where all opinions are explored and valued for their ingenuity and to our growth as humans.  It is around this table that we approach our engagements, with appreciation for the knowledge and understanding that will be imparted to all involved.  

The richness of life is in its experiences.  Satisfying lives are measured by the extent to which they contribute to the life experiences of others.  We each hold the potential to enrich and enhance the lives of our fellow humans.  We strive not to possess but seek to create that which is meaningful, and preserve the natural environment and its wonders, with which we have been blessed.  

By sharing our philosophy we seek only to amplify its effect, as it enlightens the minds of those with whose lives we touch.  We appreciate the opportunity to reflect on our beliefs and perspectives and how they correlate to conventional thinking, especially as it relates to our economic model and commonly used measures of success.


We are a virtual, collaborative audit & accounting firm, dedicated to approaching problems from multiple perspectives, while utilizing the latest technologies to find efficient, effective solutions.

Our Vision

We envision a collaboratively-governed, moneyless society, wherein exchanges are based on trust, and resources are preserved in support of optimal sustenance current and future generations.